Project Updates For My 1957 Chrysler

On this page I will post any misc. project updates that I complete that don't necessarily fall under any other category.

Update 6/9/05

I know it's been a while since I posted my last update . With working 12 hour days , I don't seem to get much of anything done. But, anyway while I've been on vacation this week , I have managed to install an electric fuel pump ( my original pump leaked ) And my plans for today are to install an electronic ignition conversion kit that I obtained from Crane Cams . As soon as I can I will try to post the results of that adventure. I also noticed that while I was installing the fuel pump that my timing chain was kinda sloppy , so guess what I'll be doing this winter. ( If it makes it that long )

UPDATE 11/07/04

The car is now totally legal and it went on its "MAIDEN" voyage on Halloween . Boy, it sure needs to be driven . It was like riding in a lumber wagon. The tires have flat spots on them from sitting so much that it went bumpity bump down the road . But it was still GREAT !!!! I'll post some new pics soon.

UPDATE 10/21/04

I haven't taken any pictures yet, But I just got a new glass installed in the back window today. The interior will finally be sealed up & protected from the rain and washings.

UPDATE 10/19/04

All of the paperwork is in the process of completion for me to be able to finally put the car on the road . As soon as I get my insurance papers back in the mail I'll be able to buy tags and put he car on the road and actually be able to drive it around the block legally .


Below is a picture of myself , Boyd Coddington , & my son Bill at this years Goodguys 3rd Mid-Western Nationals car show at the Kansas Speedway on Sept.25,2004. I'm the ugly one on the left. Pic of me , my son and Boyd Coddington

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