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My Collection Thumbnail
My "Temporary" Picture Page Of My Collection

This page will serve as a "temporary" page for pictures of my collection , until I set up a better one . Please be patient as this page might take a while to load . Thanks .

Pic # 1 [As you can see I don't wash my plates I like them to be Natural] This pic is only part of one wall

My Collection Pic 1
Some Of My Foreign Plates
 My Foreign Plates
Typical Current Base Missouri Plate {Click Thumbnail For Larger View }

Missouri Plate Thumbnail

My Own Personalized Plate For My Truck For This Year And Last 2 Years {Click Thumbnail For Larger View }

My First Year's Personalized Plate Last Year's Plate This Year's Plate

Some of my 1958 Collections

1958 BC Plate 1958 Illinois Plate 1958 Iowa Plate 1958 Minnesota Plate 1958 Montana Plate 1958 Nebraska Plate 1958 New Jersey Plate 1958 Pennsylvania Plate 1958 North Dakota Plate 1958 Virginia Plate 1958 Wisconsin Plate

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