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If you like collecting Licence Plates check out these other links
I have more links coming soon

I will update the desrciption of each site as time pemits

These Links Were 2/24/02

State , Club & Commercial Sites

This is ALPCA's new "official" home page
ALPCA Heartland Region Website
Info about upcoming "Local" meets
Irish Shop
Irish Personalized Plates To Your Specs.
Missouri State Dept. Of Rev.
Picture And Info On New Missouri State License Plate
Plates USA
Not sure if this is a commercial site or not / Lots of Plates for sale
Britsh Comercial Site / dealers and agents for personalised license plates for uk cars
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Private Collectors

This Should Be Your First Stop For Collecting Plates
A great place 4 plate collectors
License Plates of the U.S. and the World
A Great Place To Stop And Stay A Spell Best Plate Grafix I've Seen
And Lots Of Info About Plates
Nick's License Plate Page
More Info About Plates And Cool Grafix
76 Missouri
If You're Looking For Bicenntenial Plates Stop Here
And Check Them Out
Brian's Plate Page
Another private collector (Has many CA. and WIS. Plates)
Greg Glaude's Plate Page
A Vast Selection Of Plates For Trade / Also has DMV addresses with prices
Another site worth checking out / Lot's-o-links
The Bolt Hole
A very good site with lots of info
Vman's Motorcycle Plate Page
A very good site if you are looking for motorcycle plates
Motorcycle Plates
Another very good site for trading motorcycle plates
GW HUFFY'S Plate Page
Large Print / Lot's of plates to trade
Ken Stratton's Plate Page
Very nice graphics and lot's of info
Plateguy's Plate Page
A nice site that will improve with age/Now with Photo's
Mike Sells Bicentennial Plates
A very good site with info on "Bicentennial's"
The License Plate Shack
It's a good page too! Shares the same links page with Mike Sells
Perry Dingman's Plate Page
Has a LARGE list of plates for sale
USA License Plates 1969 to Present
A Very Extensive Page With Pictures And Descriptions Of Plates From 1969 To Present
A Good Site With Nice Selection Of Plates For Trade
More License Plates
A Small Site With A Want List & Road Nostalgia
License Plates Of The World
Michael Kustermann's Very Impressive Web Site / Plan On Staying Awile / It's Worth It.
UK Plate Page
Everything You Want To Know About Plates From Yhe UK
Plate Nut.Com - My Buddy Danny Kinzle's Plate Page
A Good Site With Picture's Of Plates He Has To Trade
My Other Buddy - JD Adams Page
A Good Basic Site With Info And Links
Andy's Plate Crate
A new collector with a new page
British Columbia License Plates
Glen Greenwood's new page about what else British Columbia License Plates
Kyle's Plate Page
Another Alpca member page
Zul's Plate Page
Wes Segni's plate page ALPCA #8206 / Lots of Utah Plates
Bill's Plate Page
Bill Phillips has a new page
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Other Links

Symantec Anti Virus Research Center
Are you worried about downloading Viruses
Check here first to see if it's real or a hoax
My Personal Home Page
My personal home page with links to my other hobbies and pages
About Us
A Personal Page About My Wife And I
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