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Here is a list of our


All About Us ! (well almost)

For those of you who are interested this page was produced so that 
you could see a picture of us and know a little about the people
that you are dealing with . My name is Bob , and my wife's name is 
Barb. We live in Kansas City Missouri. Between the two of us we have 
7 kids,2 daughter-in-laws,4 son-in-law's,7 grandsons,& 3 granddaughters.
5 dogs & 2 cats (And yes it's a houseful when they are all here.)
We also have many hobbies between us,including:
(Mine) (Hers)
Licencse Plate CollectingDoll Collecting
Woodworking Chihuahua's
Street Rods Deer
Genealogy Plants

Feel free to click on any of the links on our pages to see some of the
stuff we're into. 

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