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Welcome To Barbie's Chihuahua Page

We have TWO chihuahua's both about the same age
Gizmo and Kissy.

Below are some pictures of our former dogs that
passed away this year (2004) from old age. One is named ChiChi the other is named Baby When you see their pictures you'll understand their names. We now have a pic of both dogs on this page.So sit back and enjoy.

Update 10/2004

See below about the fate of Chi Chi and Baby .

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Gizmo and Kissy

This is Gizmo & Kissy

These are our "NEWEST" kids !!! Gizmo & Kissy . Gizmo is about 1 1/2 years old and our male ( He's wearing the blue collar) And our female is Kissy and she is about 1 year old . Both dogs are AKC registered ( Although listed under very long and elaborate names)We hope to be able to start breeding them soon. Gizmo was named by his previous owners for the strange noises he makes and Kissy is supposed to be called "Sable" but we didn't like that name very well , and she is so full of love and kisses , it only stood to reason to call her "Kissy"


Gizmo and Kissy have had a puppy . We call her PEACHES !!! See her pictures below.

Peaches at 2 weeks

Peaches at 8 weeks

Peaches at 8 weeks


Picture of our ChiChi
This is one of our BIG Babies
her name is ChiChi, She is about 14 years old
and weighs a whopping 10lbs.
She is not full blooded
but she's part of the family just the same.

Sadly , Chi Chi passed away in May of this year(2004) . She will be greatly missed by all .


Picture Of Baby
This is Baby,she is about 10 to 12 years old,she was rescued from
a puppy mill in western Missouri about 5 years ago. She was very badly treated and
is still a bit jumpy but she now has a permenant home here
with us. She was skin & bones but we've fattened her right up,now she
is frisky & happy,the way she should be! She get's along with her
sister and two feline brothers just fine!  We were lucky to get her.

Very Sadly, Twice in the same year we lost another dog ,"Baby" in the first part of October (2004). Obviously, She was older than we were told. She too will be greatly missed.

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