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Welcome To

Welcome to my "New Plate Page"


I want to apoligize for something in advance. I have had to remove my e-mail address from all of my web pages due to the dastardly pranks made by very inconsiderate people. Mostly college kids (I Think , since that's where most of them come from). Lately I have been recieving an average of 10 e-mail messages a day that contain some sort of virus . Luckily my web server has been catching them and deleting them .Again , I'm sorry for the inconveince.If you are a ALPCA member you can retive my e-mail address from their member roster. My # is 8127 Thanks


I'm going to attempt to post my e-mail address on this page again , but this time without a link to it. You will have to manually type it into your e-mail program. Thanks. You can contact me at pl8trader @

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